In 1986 i was born in Pinerolo, but I grew up and live in Torre Pellice which remains in the province of Turin. In 2005 i obtained my diploma from the Institute of Art at Saluzzo”A.Bertoni”, in the restoration of wood faculty. My degree is in “The Arts and Restoration of wood”. In October of the same year i began to study at the School of “Liuteria Bottega di Parma”, under the guidance of the master Desiderio Quercetani, concluded in June, 2007. In the past 2 years, thanks to the excellent training of the school i’ve had the possibility to examine in detail and improve my building techniques, allowing me to arrive at the point where i made my first bow instruments. In 2008 i concluded my third year in Masters, finishing the course at the School of Liuteria “Bottega di Parma” with top marks. I also frequented the course of “Maintenance and Repair of the Bow” held by master Pietro Cavallazzi through the Civic School of Liuteria in Milano.